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daobread-batardBâtard, (literally, "bastard") a French bread with a short, almost rugby ball shaped loaf it can have rounded or pointed ends. BouleBoule from the French for "ball", is a traditional shape of French bread, resembling a squashed ball. It is a rustic loaf shape that can be made of any type of flour. daobread-fenduFendu is a French split bâtard (oval) loaf created by pressing a rolling pin into the loaf, leaving a band of dough at the bottom keeping the two halves joined. daobread-ciabattaCiabatta (literally "slipper bread") is an Italian white bread made from wheat flour and yeast. The loaf is somewhat elongated, broad and flat, which makes it ideally suited to sandwiches. When made well, ciabatta bread has a moist crumb and a crackly, crisp crust. Ciabatta is baked in many variations; when made with whole wheat flour, it is known as ciabatta integrale. In Rome, it is often seasoned with olive oil, salt, and marjoram. When milk is added to the dough, it becomes ciabatta al latte. daobread-fougasseFougasse is a sculpted French flatbread that was originally used to test the temperature of the ashes/coals in the hearth. They are often shaped like ears of wheat or leaves with decorative openings. Traditionally, they included Niçoise olives, but can be plain or include roasted garlic. daobread-crown-genericCouronne is a French ring loaf. daobread-pain de mie/pullmanPain de Mie (FR) / Pullman Bread (US) translated from French, it means “Bread of Crumb” which indicates it’s all about the white soft stuff inside and the crust is minimal and soft.

The US name, “Pullman Bread” derives its name from being the official bread served in Pullman train cars, as its square profile allowed it to be stacked and stored in smaller spaces than traditional lofty pan breads.

Pullman pans are straight sided, square and lidded that produces a square and soft-crusted bread that is used as sandwich bread, french toast, and canapés.

The Pullman pan is also used in the production of heavy European rye breads (ie, Vollkornbrot or Pumpernickel Rye (which don't contain wheat flour therefore no gluten structure for support)) that require long bake times, thereby preventing the formation of a heavy impenetrable crust.

20130501-read-breadGood Morning. Lovely bake weekend... weather was great, first time I have left the house on a bake sunday, in 4.5 years... the heating bulb for my fermentation station broke, and a new one was necessary since the kitchen was not yeast friendly temperature. First the "Monday disappointment"... Wu-Wei Bread (formerly Zen Bread.. salt-rising) was a bust again this weekend... the starter was robust, the sponge was a bubbly cauldron of fermenty goodness, but the loaves didn't rise much in the proofing stage... sprung some in oven but were pretty dense and squattish in the end... I am going to repurpose them as croutons (as recommended in the salt-rising book) so that is something to look forward to out of the cloud of disappointment.

Made Filone con Olive Verdi Siciliane (formerly known as Stecca con Olive) and Filone con Formaggio Piccante (formerly known as Stecca con Formaggio) as they proved to be popular last week. Did some tweaking to the formula and the assembly; added some flaked red pepper to the dough and after forming the loaf, I then pressed a line of cubed asiago cheese into the dough and pinched the dough over the top of the cheese... so during the bake, the oven spring burst the pinch creating a "trough of molten bubbly cheese" (which stayed contained)... I think you may really like this one.

The fantastic part of the bake greatly outweighed the disappointing part. Got a new oven thermometer and realized my oven was running a little cooler than the temperature set... so compensating for that deficit, meant much better bakes... Pain au Levain Miche came out lovely; the Farmington Sourdough and the Pain de Campagne Naturel oven sprang much better than in the past few weeks. The Kürbiskernweckerl came out exceptional, and the Honey Whole Wheat Sandwich came out their usual lofty loaves.

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Bread Type Ideal Meal Pairings
Cheese Breads

◌ Grilled vegetables and meats

◌ Soups and stews

◌ Heartier meals

◌ Hummus, dips or fruit and cheese plates


◌ Pastas with tomato sauce

◌ Braised or grilled meats

◌ Sautéed seasoned vegetables

◌ Panini

◌ Mediterranean cuisines


◌ Variety of meats, soups and salads

◌ Cheese and fruit courses

◌ Bruschetta with garden fresh tomatoes,extra virgin olive oil and basil leaves


◌ Flavorful meats: braised, roasted, smoked, or cured

◌ Smoked fish

◌ Reuben (or other sandwiches)


◌ Grilled and roasted meats

◌ Vegetables and fresh greens with flavorful dressings

◌ Tangy complement to hearty meals


◌ Toasted at breakfast

◌ Bread puddings

◌ French toast

Whole Grain

◌ Breakfast toast

◌ ...with egg dishes

◌ Sandwiches

◌ A hearty addition to any meal


Evaluating Bread: Learn how to judge good artisan breads from Jeffrey Hamelman, author of Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes (one of a limited number of Certified Master Bakers in the United States, and past captain and coach of Baking Team USA).

Daobread is a small-batch bakery. Sunday is bake day. Monday morning, pictures and descriptions of The Bake are posted here; and an email/tweet is sent to the customer list letting them know what is available. Ordered bread is delivered on Monday afternoon.

Monday, 24 October 2016

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